Infinity Insurance
and UTS eXpress:

A Case Study in Value-Plus Software

Mainframe Access

Terminal Emulation as a Service (TEaaS) provides innovative mainframe connectivity options by moving the terminal emulation to a service. KMSYS World, Inc.

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Can You Relate to These Case Studies?

KMSYS Worldwide has had many happy customers over our many years in this business. These are some of the success stories our customers have had.
Viking Electric Supply Taps T27 eXpress: A Case Study from Their Point of View

Siskin Steel Replaces NX/View with KMSYS Worldwide Solution T27 eXpress

Infinity Insurance and UTS eXpress: A Case Study in Value-Plus Software

Customer Service

Since KMSYS Worldwide's inception, customer service and communication has been just as important to us as great products and services. From our unparalleled technical and sales support, to our willingness to demonstrate our class-leading products to individuals or groups, we have never waivered from our commitment to be available.

More Security to Protect Your Data Enterprise

The most important issue facing information technology is the implementation of practices and procedures that safeguards your data from theft and unauthorized access.

1. eQuate & eQuate Web

Complete Application Development Package (MCP/2200/No-Host)

New Version 3.5

For more info. check eQuate & eQuate Web

2. T27 eXpress Enterprise

MCP Emulation

New Version 5.0

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3. UTS eXpress Enterprise

2200 Emulation

New Version 5.0

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