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KMSYS Worldwide was originally founded in 1983 as KMSystems, Inc. The goal was to develop and market an extremely quick and efficient DMS 2200 database reorganization product. This product, named I-QU PLUS-1, proved not only to be a indispensable database reorganization tool, but also extremely useful for interactive queries and on-line transaction development. By 1991, I-QU PLUS-1 was installed on over 400 Unisys 2200 Series Computer Systems and is recognized as the leading database reorganization package on the market.

From this beginning came a variety of superior applications development and connectivity tools, each developed with the highest quality standards.

The products are targeted toward the Unisys ClearPath Servers, A Series and 2200 Systems, many integrating the mainframe environment with the high functionality of the Windows® operating system on the PC. Each product maximizes the productivity of programmers, database analysts and administrators, or end users of computer services.

In 1994, KMSYS Worldwide introduced its first connectivity software which has since evolved into a full suite of standalone, network-based and web browser connectivity solutions. Also introduced were three client/server development products in the KMSYS Worldwide tradition of high quality products at reasonable prices. Today, these development tools provide the technology and security to easily develop Windows-based and Web-based client/server applications that will enhance any legacy host application.

KMSYS Worldwide is committed to its
policy of working with and for the

Telephone and on-line support coverage is provided by a group of proficient and experienced staff. Included are installation assistance, product usage facilitation, and emergency remedies. Newsletters are distributed quarterly to clients and prospects as a means of staying in touch and maintaining a high level of customer awareness.

KMSYS Worldwide is very successful in the North American marketplace, as well as in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Pacific Rim. This success is due to the excellent product base, backed by an exceptionally knowledgeable customer service staff. Unisys has been marketing KMSYS Worldwide products internationally since 1986 and has, also, purchased KMSYS Worldwide products for internal use.

As of April 1, 2005, the original name of KMSystems, Inc. was officially changed to KMSYS Worldwide in a greater effort to reach out to the international market, as its software is installed and used worldwide.

Our Philosophy: Technology Continues to Change.

Our curiosity is always active. We find ourselves searching for ways to be different, better, more competitive.

In your business routine, you define strategic and operational project plans. You keep business objectives prioritized, often manage a staff, and justify a budget.
You develop new applications to give your company the competitive edge. You maintain existing applications as the central core of your business processes and information storehouse.
Have you got a challenge? Indeed, you do! The challenge is to find the right products and tools to increase productivity and make the job easier.

KMSYS Worldwide is your partner: a partner who believes in commitment. KMSYS Worldwide adheres to a policy of working with and for the customer.
Let KMSYS Worldwide work with you to plan and build your business solutions.

Our Mission

We at KMSYS Worldwide are committed to provide your enterprise with the kind of solutions that meet the needs for your continued productivity. Our commitment to you is unqualified and strong. Our goals are to provide stability and continuity.

Our mission statement is to provide you with a quality product that exceeds expectations, while adhering to a policy of working with and for you.

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