Many sites have different requirements when choosing an implementation strategy. For sites using traditional, locally shared file systems, eQuate provides a Windows-based solution interfacing with legacy systems without any change required to host programs.

The same eQuate applications developed for Windows may now be executed from a web browser with eQuate Web. This implementation of eQuate makes legacy data available from anywhere as long as the user has access to the Internet/Intranet and a Web browser.

eQuate Web requires no installation on the client PC. Since all eQuate forms are stored on a server and cached to the client PC on an “as need” basis, changes to eQuate applications are transparent to the user. There is actually zero maintenance required on the client side.


  • Launch the eQuate Session Manager from a Web browser.
  • No programs to install on user PCs.
  • Makes eQuate Application truly portable.
  • Access eQuate Applications from anywhere in the world.
  • Zero maintenance required by users.


  • SSL Encryption is available through Host Gateway Server connections and is FIPS 140-compliant