eQuate enhances mainframe applications by introducing Windows® and Web functionality without the necessity of changing host programs. With eQuate, host screens are associated with eQuate forms that are presented to the user. eQuate forms may house all the features and advantages to which Windows users have become accustomed, including action buttons, selection lists, option graphics, and more.

A completely self-contained development system, eQuate requires no other software to develop a total Windows application that interacts with existing or new host transactions. eQuate contains all the tools that are needed for easy implementation. From a quick screen scraping, capture utility to a sophisticated forms designer, eQuate provides a Visual Basic®-like development environment that allows fast transformation of host legacy applications to Windows. Other tools are provided to maintain eQuate applications and the registration of users that may access them.

With the latest release of eQuate, Version 3.5, users may run the eQuate Session Manager from a network server instead of having to install it on each user’s PC. The eQuate Developer still develops eQuate applications locally, but the new “publish” function allows for easy distribution to a shared file server of eQuate application databases, run-time programs, scripts, connection configurations and the network users setup program. Each user then runs the setup program from the server one time. The setup programs places a shortcut on the user’s PC linking to the eQuate applications and session manager on the server. Each time users run the eQuate Session Manager from the server they are guaranteed of getting the latest application and software enhancements, and without any intervention required on their part. And since nothing is installed on the user’s PC, eQuate 3.0 is excellent for Unisys “Thin Client” application.
eQuate will work with applications on all Unisys ClearPath, Dorado (2200) and Libra (A-Series) systems. Developed eQuate applications may be implemented to execute from a file server or web server. Since the web solution offers access to eQuate applications from a web page, they are universally accessible … all that is needed is a web browser and an internet connection.

Newest Features

  • Fully supports:
    • IPv6 DNS Resolution
    • FIPS 140-compliant cryptographic security modules (requires HGS)
    • FDCC standards
    • Unisys single point sign on
    • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Quick and easy Web implementation
  • Improved script editing
  • New “editing tabs” that make maintaining multiple scripts easier
  • Dialog Form Designer can be launched directly from the Script Editor


  • Visual Form Canvas with Control Palette
  • Easily Click and Drop Controls to Form
  • Controls Include Windows Command Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, List Boxes, Drop-down and Multi-column List Boxes, Images, Media Player, and more.
  • Quickly Assign Properties to Any Control
  • Add Actions Scripts to Controls (executed upon access)
  • Specify Form Actions (scripts)
  • Create Scripts for Host Messages and Errors
  • Develop Dialogs for Scripts
  • Design Menus for Forms
  • Assign Action Key Actions to Forms

The Screen Capture

  • Capture Screens from Host Applications
  • Specify Screen Identification String
  • Specify Data Field Type and Justification
  • Identify Repeating Fields
  • Add or Delete Fields
  • Generate Form Definition

Application Management

  • Name the Form and Equate to Host Screen
  • Import Forms from Capture, 2200 DPS File Definitions or eQuate Binary Form Files
  • Specify Data Field Types and Attributes
  • Add and Maintain eQuate Applications
  • Specify Method for Starting Application
  • Specify Terminal Type (T27 or UTS)
  • Create and Maintain List of Values to be Selected for the List
  • Create and Maintain Help Text for Forms and Controls
  • Create and Maintain Standard Message Text for Forms
  • Enter Host Error Strings and Actions
  • Assign Default Connection Path


  • SSL Encryption is available through Host Gateway Server connections and is FIPS 140-compliant

Administration and User Registration

  • Register and Administer Users
  • Maintain User Profiles
  • Assign Network User Station Names
  • Assign Sign-on Scripts
  • Assign Default eQuate Application
  • Maintain eQuate Databases
  • Publish Run-time Files to a Shared Server
  • Package Run-time Distribution Files

WinQ Configuration

  • Customize Terminal Settings
  • Configure Connections
  • Supports both IPv6 and IPv4 DNS resolution
  • Customize Keyboard Layout
  • Customize Terminal Screen Appearance

Session Management

  • Run eQuate Applications
  • Select Runtime Directory
  • Select Sign-on Script Directory
  • Choose User Profile
  • Select User Connection Path

Charting Capabilities with eXpress Chart

  • Online graphics presentation that acts as a OLE server
  • May be controlled from any Windows application or manually executed and utilized as a standalone application
  • Scripts may be written to obtain data from a host application and supply eXpress Chart with the necessary information to produce charts

Required Software

  • Any ClearPath, Dorado or Libra system is accessible by eQuate. The eQuate Development System and eQuate Session Manager require any currently supported release of the Windows® operating system including Windows 7 and 64-bit platforms.

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