Vital, sensitive and often indispensable data requires the utmost security when being accessed from external or internal locations.  Fully compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140, Host Gateway Server (HGS) offers a flexible solution to data protection with a mixture of encrypted and non-encrypted connections.  Secure Socket Layer authentication and encryption affords secure connections when required, such as from systems outside the enterprise network.  For connections not requiring encryption, HGS allows clear text messaging, as well.

Host Gateway Server gives enterprises the ability to provide secure connections to and from Unisys MCP or OS 2200 mainframes without the expense, complexity and/or user training issues of a typical VPN solution

Host Gateway Server can support multiple application client types, from the feature-rich eXpress Enterprise terminal emulator to the lightweight browser-based client.  Applications developed with eQuate fit flawlessly within the HGS framework.  The support of existing terminal emulators permits the enterprise to leverage its current investment in terminal emulation software.

New and Improved Features in HGS 3.0

  • Improved configuration capabilities
    • All configuration and administration actions may be performed from a single server or workstation.
    • Communications configurations may be shared among multiple servers
  • Improved management capabilities
    • Improved session monitor display
    • New performance charts
    • Complete integration with Windows Performance Monitoring
    • Allows dynamic updates of communications and diagnostic configurations
  • Modernized
    • Updated for current Microsoft operating systems
    • Utilizes WPF and WCF
  • Simplified installation
    • Removed dependency on IIS installation
    • Single installation package for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems

Easy to Administer

Host Gateway Server has a low total cost of ownership. Utilizing Microsoft’s one-touch deployment methodology for the administration tools and ClickOnce technology for browser-based clients, as well as centralized configuration of the client connectivity options, makes Host Gateway Server simple to maintain.

Flexible Security

Host Gateway Server has the ability to accept a mixture of encrypted and non-encrypted connections. This feature allows for secure connections when required, such as from systems outside of the enterprise network, and clear text connections when encryption is not required.

Easy to Configure

There is no need to go to the server to do configuration because all configuration actions may be done remotely. Host Gateway Server offers the same easy-to-configure host connectivity as found in the eXpress emulators.