Privacy Statement

KMSYS Worldwide respects your privacy. Any information gathered on this site will only be used for the purposes of sending requested information, tracking downloads of evaluation software or product support. None of the information gathered here will be shared with or sold to third parties. Please be aware that a sales person may follow up with a phone call or email.

Cookie Statement

KMSYS Worldwide does not believe that cookies are a security or privacy risk when used responsibly. Some pages on this site use a cookie to remember information from visit to visit to prevent you from having to fill in a form each time your visit us. The information in the form is the only information stored in the cookie.

Email Statement

KMSYS Worldwide is concerned about web safety and email security. The use of spoofed email to lure people to malicious web sites has become a major security issue. Other than an occasional email distribution through our bulk email provider, Constant Contact, all email from KMSYS Worldwide will come directly from KMSYS Worldwide SMTP servers. If you ever receive an email that appears to be from KMSYS Worldwide, either directly or through Constant Contact, and it contains links to web sites other than KMSYS Worldwide or Constant Contact, you may visit this page again to verify that the email and links to the third party site are legitimate. If you are in doubt of the legitimacy of an email that appears to have come from KMSYS Worldwide, please forward it to us or call us at 1 (888) 507-8862 for verification.